Finding a Great Deal on Tech

Posted by Gentille on 4/24/2014 0 Comments
When it comes to technology, the marketplace is innovating at a faster pace than ever before. All of the major companies are coming out with their latest and greatest gadgets seemingly within months of a previous version.

7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Freshen Up Your Room

Posted by Gentille on 4/2/2014 to Household Items 0 Comments
A complete room makeover can be costly in money, time and effort. But if the scene you are coming home to everyday is starting to look old, tired or well-worn, perhaps a modern upgrade or an artsy tweak is in order. Even better, you can splash a new color here or throw an accent there in baby steps until you get the look and feel you want. You save money, you need not sweat a lot, and you reward yourself with a nice view that could help boost your productivity, get your creative juices flowing, make you more relaxed, or inspire you to feather your nest for a stress-free 'stay-cation.'

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