How to Mount Your New TV to Drywall

Posted by stock4less on 1/28/2014 to Electronics 0 Comments
A television represents a rather significant investment, and it should provide much enjoyment for you and our family. It’s important to install your TV in the best location for visibility, from the angle at which you plan on doing the most watching. It’s also good to find a location that will not produce much glare on the screen, but really you can place your new TV anywhere you desire. The type of wall upon which you mount your TV will determine the method you use to mount it, and how (not where) you mount your TV will be critical in protecting your investment.

The Advent of the Mini Dress

Posted by stock4less on 1/23/2014 to Clothing & Accessories 0 Comments
One of the hottest trends - mini dresses - have made a comeback, and it looks like this time, they’re here to stay! Not just a dress anymore, a mini dress can also be worn with skinny pants or leggings to form a more creative, fashion statement look. There are some wildly amazing mini dresses available, and they range from your very basic, downplayed basic dress to the most exotic and thrilling thing you could ever desire to wear. You can have such fun with this fabulous fad, as accessories, leg wear and shoes do much to change them around into radically distinctive looks.

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