Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

Posted by Seharnaseem on 12/2/2014 to Automotive Accessories

Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station

If you want to stay up-to-date on the weather, you need the this Wireless Weather Station. This weather station is easy to use and ensures that you have all of the latest conditions that the weather is bringing your way so that you can always be ready and prepared for what is to come.

Features of the Vantage Vue

The Vantage Vue weather station is so simple and easy to install. Even if you’ve never before owned a weather station, you will find this system so easy. Featuring a compact station and a LCD console, the weather system is always providing the highest performance available.

·         The weather station provides accurate, up to the minute weather forecasts, with updates every 2.5 seconds and wireless transmission of up to 1000 foot.

·         This machine can detect wind speeds as low as 2 mph and as high as 150 mph. The easy-to-read LCD backlit screen also has solar-powered backup energy.

·         The device displays the indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as the wind speed and wind direction, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure and much more, with a glow in the dark keypad that makes it easy to use even when light is not on your side.

·         Additionally, there are 22 danger alarms that warn you of tornados, floods, high winds and so much more. There are also 50 graphs for weather reading.

·         In addition to all of these standard features, there are a number of optional features that you can acquire with this weather station.  Those optional features include a PC link that allows you to instantly view weather conditions from your PC or laptop in an instant.

·         As far as price is concerned, this one certainly exceeds the expectations that you probably have. The device is affordably priced, and among the competition, offers far more for the price than what you might expect. This is money that you won’t mind spending, and a very good investment to say the least.


Although there are a number of weather stations on the market, none of those can provide you the same quality and features as the Vantage Vue. If you are looking for a machine that delivers accurate, on-time information, this is the weather station that you need in your home. It has all of the features that you want, and so much more. The durability is also a plus, as well as the low price. Compare it to other machines, and you will discover that nothing can live up to the quality of the Davis Vantage Vue device. When you want to know what you can expect with the weather before it actually arrives at your doorstep, it is a weather station that delivers beyond your expectations. It is money well spent, and you will be proud to call yourself an owner of this machine. There isn’t a machine out there that can compare to what this one offers.

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