Top Video Games of 2013

Posted by Steven on 10/16/2013 to Electronics
The video game market is exploding and designers are creating some of the most engaging video games ever. The list of 2013’s top video games includes role-playing games, third-person shooter games and puzzle games. If a game is available only for a specific gaming system, this is noted in the description. “The Cave” is a unique puzzle game with a dark sense of humor and quirky graphics. Designer Ron Gilbert engages players with challenging puzzles and in-game character switching. “The Last of Us” is a hybrid action-adventure game with frightening combat sequences and a clever, non-traditional narrative element. “The Last of Us” stands out on many critics' and gamers' lists as the best video game of 2013. It is available exclusively for the Sony PS3. Another best of 2013 for the PS3, “Ni no Kuni: the Wrath of the White Witch,” reinvigorates the genre of RPG with a story that is as rich and colorful as the game’s graphics. “Dead Space 3” is a sci-fi/fantasy take on the popular, zombie, third-person shooter genre. Stunning graphics and a newly introduced co-op partner play option make it one of the best video games of 2013. “BioShock: Infinite” builds on past BioShock entries into the gaming market, which results in some of the most rewarding gameplay of any video game released in 2013. Though the emphasis remains on killing, the gamer engages with the world and characters in “BioShock: Infinite” thanks to an engaging, well-written narrative. As the video games market grows, the imaginations of developers grow with it. The top video games of 2013 reflect this growth, offering cleverly complicated worlds and unique story concepts. In each of these games, smooth gameplay, top-notch graphics and appropriately designed challenge levels come together to make an exceptional gaming experience.

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