Review of Ironman Move x20 Activity Band

Posted by Naseem on 10/14/2014 to California Accessories

Review of Ironman Move x20 Activity Band

If you are always on the go, owning the Timex Ironman Activity band can help you track what you are doing. It works with your smartphone, delivering on-time, accurate results as you go through your day. This easy-to-use band is sold in a great lime color, and fits your wrist with comfort. It is perfect for both men and women who are on the go and want credit for that activity.

Features of the Ironman Move x20

·         The Ironman Activity band tracks your steps, calories, and the distance that you have walked using 3D accelerometer technology. Also displayed is the date and the time of the day.   The total amount of time that you sleep is recorded, including the various levels of sleep that you experience.

·         With this band, you can get a more intense workout than you ever have before. You will know what you are doing and what you need to do to meet your goals. It is just that simple.

·         Best of all, you can use this activity band without missing any calls or text messages! It uses a caller ID display to alert you when you have a call or a text.

·         Furthermore, you can find a progress bar on the activity band that shows you how you are doing on the goals that you have set. This includes the number of steps that you have taken, calories consumed, and the distance that you have walked.

·         The Ironman band comes with a li-ion battery that has a battery life that typically lasts 7 days. It is easy-to-recharge, as well as waterproof so if it gets wet, it won’t be harmed.

·         Users of the activity band will appreciate the illuminated words and numbers that make it easy-to-read without straining your eyes or stopping what you are already doing. Users will also appreciate the vibration that alerts you of a phone call or a text, as well as other activity that you are doing.

·         This activity band is capable of keeping information stored safely inside for 30 days for daily information and workouts, as well as 10 days of information for your sleeping habits.

·         To begin getting the most out of this activity band, simply download the Timex app that accommodates it, and you’re ready to go. What could be easier? This is an activity band that helps you get more out of every single move that you make. 

Should you buy the Ironman Band?

There isn’t a person out there who cannot benefit from wearing the Ironman activity band. This band enables you to stay on top of the activities that you are doing without any guessing or second thoughts. It is affordably priced, and the Timex brand gives you trust that you are getting a worthwhile product that will last.


The Timex Ironman Activity Band is great for any individual who is active and wants to make progress. It is also a great gift idea for other people in your life.

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