Premium orthopedic seat cushion

Posted by Naseem on 12/29/2014 to Health & Beauty
Premium orthopedic seat cushion


A lot of people having strained back or spinal issues look for a variety of equipment to ease their pain. Things can get worse if they choose something that is not helping them out with their pain issues. It may deteriorate the condition, requiring them to seek recourse again with medical therapies in order to rescue themselves from the sheer pain. But a careful selection of the right equipment may ease their tension and the pain issues. This premium orthopedic seat cushion is ideally designed for all those people who are looking for relief from pain and other similar issues. It is a one-size cushion, which will fit well with a number of seating equipment such as the normal seats found in house, car, airplane, wheelchair, etc.

Features and specifications:

The following are its main features and specifications:

·         Dimensions – 14 x 18 x 3.3 inches.

·         Cost-effective – The manufacturer assures the users about its cost-effectiveness.

·         Usability – It gives super comfort while travelling on long flights, road trips, and during seat-based deskwork.

·         Performance – It deliberately works to eliminate pressure from the coccyx and the spine.

·         Value – The equipment allows users a healthy posture and the much-desired spine alignment.

·         Washable – The cover is removable which allows users to wash it conveniently just as they feel like.


The following is a list of some of the obvious pros of this equipment:

·         It is compact size and light weight allow it to be easily carried while the user is on the move.

·         You can trust it to help you eliminate the pressure on your coccyx and spine.

·         The users may also use it to heal their fractured, bruised, or broken tailbone. Further, it is useful to cure the prolapsed or slip disk.

·         It comes in a rounded shape, which can easily fit any standard-size seat.

·          The exterior cover is removable, which provides easy means for washing as well.

·         It is ideal for use by pregnant ladies at home.


The following are some notable cons which you must consider before purchasing it:

·         It may not be suitable if you are on the driving side of your car.

·         It may be uncomfortable for wide people.

·         The firmness of the foam may deteriorate after a few months of use.

How to use it best?

It can be best used on road trips, at home, deskwork, on long flights, and a number of other similar situations. It gives supplementary cushioning to relieve bearers from any back pain or numbness. It may also do wonders in case of the fractured or bruised tailbone. It has a round shape with a standard seat size, which should ideally fit any seat.

Who this product is best for?

There are a number of people who sit on a number of pieces of seating equipment for a long number of hours. They may develop some back pain and spinal issues while sitting at their office seat, at home, or in any transportation vehicle for a long time. This useful equipment can be their best mate in all such situations. It is small and compact, allowing you to carry it with ease to be placed on all chairs where you would sit for a long time.


It is a specially designed orthopedic cushion, which superiorly works to eliminate all sorts of spinal and lower-back-pain issues. It is must-have equipment for all those people who either travel a lot or have intense pressure exerted on their back. It not only relieves people from pain and comforts them, but also works to improve their orthopedic issues, particularly with their spine and lower back. It can be carried with ease while you are on the move either on car, plane, or any other means of transport. 

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