Playing With GPS

Posted by Gentille on 4/17/2014

Playing with a golf GPS is like playing with a caddie, except a GPS doesn’t question your club selection. Actually, where accurate distance information is concerned, playing with the benefit of a golf GPS far surpasses all benefits derived from all but the most experienced and dedicated caddies.

More Advantages Than Just Distance Determination

A good golf GPS, however, is about more than simply determining distances. Most models now offer a color overview map of each hole, so you can preview trouble and target spots, and decide on your strategy before you tee off. One model even includes a video flyover of each hole. Some include satellite imagery of each hole. So in addition to accurate distances, a good golf GPS can help you with strategy and to plan how you’re going to consequently manage the course.

Basically, the pluses to be found from a golf GPS are that one will cut strokes from your game, speed up your play, and help you start and play through each hole with an evolving target plan that you can achieve with confidence.

It’s Mostly Legal

The use of golf GPS has been legal under the United States Golf Association Rules of Golf since 2005. Local rules may preclude use of GPS, but you would need to check with the course on a “per occasion” basis.

How it Works

Global Positioning System (GPS) is facilitated by a configuration of satellites in the earth’s orbit that transmit precise signals, allowing GPS receivers to calculate and display accurate location, speed, and time information to the user. Modern GPS units are generally rated accurate to 3 yards. GPS generally works well and has no trouble getting a fix on multiple satellites when used on golf courses, which is advantageous as more satellites means more accuracy. The types of objects that stop satellite signals are structures such as cliffs, tall buildings and very steep valleys are normally fairly rare in a golf setting.

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