Is Apple’s iOS 9 better Than Google’s Lollipop?

Posted by Sajid Usman on 8/20/2015 to Electronics
Is Apple’s iOS 9 better Than Google’s Lollipop?

In this world, there are only two technology leaders whose mark in the smartphone industry is seen every part of the globe. Yes, you are right guys, Apple and Google are the only companies who decides the future of our smartphone. It can be rightly said that Apple has always been ahead of Google’s Android since its launch. Google has always tried to copy Apple in improving their operating system but at the end of the day, the company was always on the second number. Whereas Apple has the reputation of doing things that no one else has done, be it their metal body or the first 3G or 4G or 5G devices. It was Apple who brought out the LTE feature which allows you to surf faster even in slow speeds.

Now Apple is set to launch its latest iOS 9 which seems to be the best update till now, but is it?

Apple’s iOS 9 Vs Google Android Lollipop (L)

  1. Application Drawer

Google launched its Android Lollipop last year and it was quite an impressive thing as they called it the sweetest update till date, and Android L users agreed to the company. Well, Android L was clearly the best by Google as it did not only made improvements in the graphical representation but also hardware too. The major improvements was seen in the notification bar which was a lot more functional now as there were quick buttons provided on it.

Apple has also improved a bit on the graphical representation of their operating system as they have now added another screen which have your spotlight search, which helps you to find anything on your phone as well as the recent favorite contacts which are set or most used by you.

  1. Siri Going Proactive Just Like Google Now

Google Now was the one of the major improvement highlights that the Android L has to offer. Basically Google now is just like Siri, which can do what you say and find anything from the internet on your voice command. But unlike Siri, it did not give you information on your data or on your likings or interests. For example, if you search “Robert Downey Jr” on you Chrome browser in your laptop, your Google Now will synchronize the info and you can also view the info on your Google Now. Similarly, Google Now also shows information about your applications, like IMDB, Amazon etc. It even shows your orders and order details which comes handy when you do not want to open the application.

Siri from Apple was not that functional until now as they have made Siri capable of recording your interests as well as data so you can get information about your interests just with a tap on the screen.

  1. Google Note Vs Apple’s Newly Improved Notes

Google has made a mesmerizing improvement in its Notes application in which you can now also add the notes, with check lists, location, alarm, pictures and much more. And what’s amazing is that you can access all your notes on your Android tablet, laptop or Android.

Apple has similar looking treat for you in which you can add websites into your notes. You can add the full page as notes in your Notes Application. You can also add pictures in your notes, locations, and also turn your normal list into a check list. Just like Google Notes, you can also access your notes on a wide range of devices, which is iPhones, iPad and Mac.

  1. Apple Maps Finally Shows Something You Need

Google Maps has always been the favorite from years now and there is a simple reason behind it, it is easy to use and highly functional. Well, with the launch of iOS 8, Apple announced that it will have its own mapping service which will ditch Google’s Maps. That seemed like a great idea until it was launched. After the iOS 8, users used it so much that they got bored or something like that and then they downloaded the Google Maps. Well, this is just an excuse from Apple as they did not admit the failure of their Mapping service.

Well, this time Apple has improved the service and has added the subways, trains and bus services and routing to it along with improving the accuracy of its Maps.

  1. Battery Saving Mode, Not DND

Google’s Android always had a battery saving mode in all of its android versions, but it was as good as Stephen Hawking, Great but all of it did not work. But with the launch of the Android Lollipop, its battery saving mode has been given a huge lift. When turned on, it won’t allow your phone to vibrate, which results in extra 90 minutes of backup, which is absolutely amazing and the best part of it is that it actually worked.

Since the launch of iPhone 4, 4S it appeared that Apple never cared about the battery backup of their device. Their battery was as good as the Indian batting lineup, which was dead when needed. Well, they slightly improved their battery in the iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS, and with the iOS 9 just around the corner, it will let you save more power as you will be allowed to use your device to up to 60 minutes more when the Battery saving mode is switched on. This seems to be a great improvement that Apple has made as earlier, the only medium to save power was to put the phone on the DND mode.

Is iOS 9 inspired By the Android Lollipop?

Seeing all these improvement, this can be said as all these features are already available in the Android Lollipop. It is the first time that Apple is following Google in terms of technological advancement, hence putting Google on the top of the world. Apple has released iOS 9 BETA for selected devices and will release worldwide in the September, 2015, but if you want to experience the improvements, you can switch to Android as these features are taken over from Android.

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