Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer

Posted by N.A on 12/9/2014 to Electronics

Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer

If you are an outdoorsman, or have a special outdoorsman in your life, there is a great product that you need to purchase. It is called the Wild game Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer, and with this awesome viewer, taking magnificent photographs and capturing many memories is simple and easy to do. Let’s take a look at this viewer and learn why it is one of the best that your money can buy.

What is the Innovations Media Viewer?

With the Innovations Media viewer, you can view images and videos while you are out in the wild. The media viewer has a fantastic 4.3 inch color screen with auto zoom so you are able to see every detail of the photo. And, thanks to the 3.5 mm audio/video output jack, you can easily add your photos to your computer within seconds.

One of the features that all outdoorsman appreciate about this viewer is the design. It is made in a RealtreeXtra design, which certainly upholds the outdoor theme. There isn’t a man out there who will not absolutely love this awesome design. Women love it just as much, so if the outdoorsman in your life happens to be a woman, do not think that she will not also appreciate this great viewer.

The SD card slot is another great feature. The SD slot can hold up to 32 GB memory card, which allows you to capture many awesome photos or videos without the worry of having enough room.  Many of the viewers out there have a limited amount of space available. That isn’t an issue with this viewer.

You will need 4 AAA batteries to operate the Trail Pad Media Viewer. Those batteries are not included with the purchase however; it is easy to find batteries. The long-lasting battery life is certainly something that you can appreciate.

Features of the Media Viewer

Take a look at some more of the awesome features of the Innovations Trail Pad and decide for yourself if it is the right device for you.

·         Ultra-thin heavy duty RealtreeXtra housing

·         8 GB internal memory

·         Built- in Wi-Fi

·         High resolution screen allows for easy touch

·         Water resistant; this is a feature that any outdoorsman can appreciate

·         Weather endurable; this media viewer can handle any kind of weather conditions, whether it is cold, snowing, raining, or hot outside

The Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer is very easy to use. In fact, it is easy enough for a child to use. There is no doubt that you will want to use it every single time that you go outdoors!

Taking photographs when you are outdoors requires that you have a higher quality viewer. You have found just that when you use the Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer. It has all of the qualities and features that you want, backed by a great price. If you’re ready to make more of your time outdoors, this is the product that you need in your life!

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