How to Mount Your New TV to Drywall

Posted by stock4less on 1/28/2014 to Electronics
A television represents a rather significant investment, and it should provide much enjoyment for you and our family.  It’s important to install your TV in the best location for visibility, from the angle at which you plan on doing the most watching.  It’s also good to find a location that will not produce much glare on the screen, but really you can place your new TV anywhere you desire.  The type of wall upon which you mount your TV will determine the method you use to mount it, and how (not where) you mount your TV will be critical in protecting your investment.
If your wall is made of drywall (or sheetrock) you will need to locate the studs by one of numerous methods.  The hardware stores sell stud finders that work by a magnetic principle and are inexpensive and easy to use.  Once you locate a stud, you will need to install the mounting apparatus.  Depending on what hardware your mounting system came with, you may not need to acquire anything else, but you will need to have a minimum of 4 inch lag bolts (which you may need to use in place of any screws that came with your mounting system.)  
Position the mounting unit on the wall and mark the place on the wall where the mounting holes are.  You will then need to drill holes that are slightly less in diameter than the lag bolts. Next, mount according to instructions.
The lag bolts will provide the most secure mounting system you can use, and will serve to mount even a heavy TV.  If you purchase a swing arm mount, you will especially need a secure mounting system, due to the amount of load that will be placed on the wall.  Failure to securely mount your TV can result in your TV coming loose from the wall, not only falling and breaking but your wall could also sustain considerable damage from the hardware pulling out with the TV.  
When mounting your TV, it’s best to be safe and overdo the precaution, rather than under-do it.  Mounted properly, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what you’ll be watching on your TV.

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