How to Encourage Office Workers to Exercise

Posted by Gentille on 3/7/2014 to Shoes
If you run your own company or you're the head of a department in the office, you are in the perfect position to encourage the employees to incorporate exercise in their regular routines. Rather than pushing them to spend all their hours in front of the computer or to work overtime almost every day, you ought to be teaching them to live a balanced life. This way, they'll be healthier and happier office workers!

One important but often neglected way of improving health and happiness is exercising. Here are several ways you can motivate your employees to get moving and to become more fit and healthy:

Give Discount Coupons to Exercise Classes.

You can tie up with gyms, dance studios, and yoga centers in order to avail of discount coupons you can give to the office workers. Who knows? Some of them might just enjoy a Zumba class or have always wanted to try out yoga. There may be others who may be heartened to try out boxing, hip-hop aerobics, and/or pilates.

Provide Gym Membership Discounts and Freebies as Part of Employee Benefits.

There are many people who realize that exercise is truly valuable. However, they just find it too expensive and time-consuming. If you give gym membership discounts and freebies especially to gyms that are very near the office, your employees may just give it a shot. If you own the company, you can even allot one hour off per week just for exercise. After all, healthier employees are your asset. 

Hold Your Own Exercise Activities After Work or During Weekends.

It would be very helpful to come up with a makeshift gym in your workplace or to hold your own exercise classes after working hours. Come up with a fitness club and hold special dance classes, aerobics, and the like. You can acquire fitness and exercise equipment from at reasonable prices. Surely the workers in your office will appreciate being able to use the exercise balls, weights, wheels, kettlebells, and more for free while enjoying a fun workout with colleagues!

Invite Fitness Experts to Give Talks and Answer Questions.

From time to time, you can allot an hour or two for fitness experts to give talks on a variety of health and fitness topics. During these periods, you can let them answer questions your employees may have. 

Offer Incentives for Those Who Never Get Sick and Who Achieve their Ideal Weights.

Hold a "Biggest Loser" weekly challenge for those who are overweight and would like to achieve their ideal weights. You can also offer cash and other prize incentives for those who never use up their sick leaves and who always appear to be in good shape in the office. 

When you apply some or all of these suggestions, surely you'll start to notice greater interest in exercise and being healthy among your workers. In the long run, motivating your people to exercise will also increase productivity and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

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