How to Choose a First Aid Kit

Posted by Carlos on 12/28/2013 to Camping Items
A first aid kit is something everyone should have on hand at all times.  It is advisable to have one in your car just in case you become stranded and another your home just in case an accident happens.  However, it is important to have the right one with the right components so that it is truly helpful.
General House First Aid Kit
A general first aid kit should have all of the essentials to handle minor injuries, such as abrasions, sprains and strains.  Common components of a first aid kit include:
·      Antibacterial ointment
·      Bandaids
·      Gauze
·      Cold pack
·      Hot pack
·      Q-tips
·      Burn cream
·      Medical tape
·      An antiseptic
First Aid Kit for Those With Health Conditions
If you or someone in your home has a health condition, such as diabetes or a life-threatening allergy, you will want a general house first aid kit with a few extras.  In addition to the basics, a diabetic should have sugar tablets and non-perishable snacks that can help to give a quick burst of sugar, such as graham crackers and hard candy.  If you have an emergency medicine for high blood sugar, a few of these should also be placed into the kit.
Car or Truck First Aid Kit
The first aid kit that you keep in your vehicle should have all of the components of a general first aid kit.  There are a few other essentials that should be included:
·      A warm blanket
·      Non-perishable snacks
·      Bottled water
Any other items that you personally need should you become stranded in your vehicle should also be included.  For example, over-the-counter pain medication, women's hygiene items and backups of any prescriptions you take are also something to consider putting in the kit. 

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