How to Buy a TV

Posted by Naseem on 9/22/2014 to Electronics

How to Buy a TV

With such a variety of TVs on the market for sale, choosing which to buy can be a challenge. From the right size to the color to brand, choosing a TV that will provide you with entertainment, as well as your money’s worth isn’t always easy.

Types of TVs

Among the types of TVs being sold nowadays are:


LED & LCD TVs:  The LCD/LED TV is the most popularly sold on the market. They emit light diodes that light the screen brightly. They are more economically friendly than other TVs, particularly those that use CFL tubes. The TV is thin, and sometimes parts of the screen appear brighter than others.

Plasma TVs: A plasma TV is another option available. These are popular for people who want to watch movies or sports on a frequent basis. The pixel inside of the plasma TV turns off faster than an LED LCD TV, thus motion is faster. However, many companies have stopped producing these types of TVs because during the day, the screen often looks white and is too bright to pick up a picture.

Ultra HD TV: An ultra HD TV is one that has just recently been introduced on the market. They have crisp, detailed images, and are equipped with 4x more resolution than the traditional TV set. Words are easier to read on this type of TV, and images are more realistic than with other sets. Something that many buyers do not appreciate about this TV, however, is the fact that they cost four times as much as a traditional flat-screen, with some models costing well into the thousands of dollars, and a starting price of about $4,000.


Keep in Mind

When buying a TV, keep these things in mind as you are making your purchase.

·                     Size: You want a TV that will flatter the home, not make things look out of place. A smaller room will not accommodate a large screen TV as well as a larger room, so know your space size when making the purchase.

·                     TV Purpose: There are some TVs made for gaming, some made for watching movies, and others that look good no matter what you are doing. Consider the intended purpose of the TV when making a purchase.

·                     Brand: There is no denying that some brands of TVs are better than others. Consult reviews, friends/family, and other sources to determine which brand is best.  If it is within your budget, choose a TV from the brand you deem most trustworthy.

When buying a TV, it is important that you know what you want in your set, as well as the amount of money that you have to spend. With this information, buying a new TV for your home will be far less of a hassle and a task that you can enjoy. Take the time to carefully choose and you cannot go wrong! It is just that easy to buy a new TV for your home.


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