Five Products Every Camper Needs

Posted by Gentille on 11/25/2013
When you are deep in the wilderness, away from civilization, you must not fall short on necessary equipment. The items a camper carries into the woods make all the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable excursion and one plagued by rough accommodations and unsafe practices. A smart camper knows which items to put at the top of his product checklist.

A sturdy, reliable knife is a camper's best friend. A highly versatile tool for cutting, scraping, digging and much more, every camper must carry a knife. The knife does not have to be big or elaborate; a compact folding blade that is easy to store in a pocket or on a belt is sufficient.

Do not take a "discount" tent on your camping trip. Investing in a quality, secure shelter is an absolute must when sleeping outdoors in open weather situations. Make sure the tent is waterproof, well insulated and easy to set up.

A first aid kit must always be on hand in case something goes wrong. Everyone hopes for a safe trip among nature, but being prepared for mishaps, especially in an area that is far away from outside help, is critical for a camper.

The wild gets much darker than people who have lived most of their lives in cities and suburbs usually expect. Having a powerful yet robust flashlight on hand helps campers move about at night and prevents mishaps.

One of the most valuable pieces of safety equipment is a cell phone. Not only is it used to call for help in an emergency, but it also stores maps, plant and animal data, GPS coordinates and other useful informational tools. A wilderness explorer must obtain a cell phone that is graded for heavy outdoor use or obtain a protective case for a more mundane phone.

A stay in the wilderness, whether it lasts only a few hours or stretches into many weeks, should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The smart selection of proper tools ensures a positive experience, and the items listed here serve campers equally well in any natural environment, including forests, swamps, deserts and mountains.

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