Finding a Great Deal on Tech

Posted by Gentille on 4/24/2014

When it comes to technology, the marketplace is innovating at a faster pace than ever before. All of the major companies are coming out with their latest and greatest gadgets seemingly within months of a previous version.

And if you are a bargain-hunter (which you must be, if you are here), you can take advantage of this and save yourself a lot of money while also having technology that is not necessarily out of style.

Here is some simple advice about how to find a deal on the technology you want.

Here is a little secret - every new device that comes out, you might be paying for the software and the hardware, but for most models (especially when it comes to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets), the hardware is basically not all that new when comparing a new model to an old one. Unless you go back a couple of years, you can find very similar hardware to a current iteration in an older model.

We advise you to keep an eye on the rumors in tech news (which are everywhere every day). When a rumor surfaces about the impending release of an updated version of a product, then you should look for the sales on existing models and previous generations. As the rumor builds steam, existing models will go on sale to make room for the new version.

And with many companies, if the new device has a new operating system or version of the software, you could still buy an older device with old software and soon after the launch of the new device, you will be able to upload an update to your OS or software that is the same as what is on the new device. The key to this is, don't buy a device that is more than a year or 18 months old. Companies like Apple, for instance, may offer iOS 7 for the iPhone 5 and 4S now that the 5S is out, but don't expect to be able to get an iPhone 4 and still use the iOS 7 software.

However, as software basically makes the hardware run, you can find a great deal on year-old technology and still keep yourself up to date as long as you update your software regularly. Check out some of our technology and see if you can find something that fits your needs and budget.

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