Dunes Open Toe Wedge Shoe

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Dunes Open Toe Wedge Shoe

Women want to look beautiful at all times, and the clothing and accessories they choose to wear certainly plays a major role in how they feel about themselves. For the stylish woman who always wants to be on the fashion forefront, the Dunes 15-Caged Open Toe Wedge shoe is a pair of shoes that must be had. These awesome shoes say style and class all in one, and they are versatile enough to wear for a night out on the town or many other locations.

A Look at the Open Toe Wedge

The Dunes Open Toe Wedge is available in a great Mustard color. This bright, beautiful color is easy to pair with many other colors, and ensures that you have a great look for your occasion. Thanks to the 6 inch heel, you can even add height to your look of the night.  This isn’t a heel that is hard to walk inside, however. Instead, the Dunes shoe adds a platform style that ensures that you can easily walk around even for long periods of time in these shoes.

The Wedge heels offers an open toe design, as well as open straps that travel up the leg. The sides both have these open straps. The  front of the wedge heel shoe has string that ties at the top, with an open center. These shoes are sexy and appealing and can be worn by women of all ages.

The shoe fits snug on the skin so there is no worry of being uncomfortable as you walk. The shoes can be worn with a pair of blue jeans, a shirt , a skirt, a dress or any other way that you want to add pizazz and style to your look.

Why Buy the Dunes Open Toe Wedge Shoes?

The Dunes Open Toe Wedge Shoes are comfortable to wear, and that isn’t always something that you find with a pair of heels. Whether you want to wear the shoes for only a short period of time or for long periods, you can do so without worry of hurting your feet.

The shoes look amazing and  can be worn by women of all ages who want to look sexy and sultry at the same time. The shoes are the best way to add spice to the night and to your wardrobe, simply put. They work well with any outfit and are versatile so that you can wear them any time that you would like.

The great price accompanying the Dunes Open Toe Wedge shoe is yet another reason to add these shoes to your wardrobe. You can look but you won’t find a pair of shoes priced better than these shoes. When you want to be beautiful, in both appearance and attitude, you should make sure that you do so without breaking the bank. These affordable shoes help you dress sexy and have money left over.

These are the shoes that you want and need to have inside of your closet for all of those special occasions.   

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