Dressing for Your Body Type

Posted by Bianca on 9/25/2013 to Clothing & Accessories

Women have an assortment of shapes and sizes, but there are four basic body types: pear, rectangle, hourglass and apple. No matter which type your body fits into, there is a horde of flattering styles available. Once you identify your body type, it is much easier to dress better. Use this advice for dressing your body type to find the best attire to flatter your unique form.

The rectangle body shape is slim, athletic and easy to dress in the latest fashion trends. Wear clothing with asymmetrical lines and ruffles to add a bit of curviness. Halter tops, off-the-shoulder blouses and wrap dresses are great, but avoid boxy jackets and shirts that add more angles. High-waist trousers and wide-leg jeans are fantastic for enhancing the rectangle shape.

An apple shape is heavy on top, so drawing attention away from the waist slenderizes this body type. Aim for solid tops over busy patterns to avoid adding upper body volume. The apple shape benefits from covering up with less fabric, so avoid bulky clothing. Try plunging and cowl necklines, and expose your forearms for a slimming effect. Straight-leg and boot-cut pants work wonders for apple shapes. Aim for structured jackets and dresses to mold your form.

The pear shape is commonly identified with a hip measurement that is noticeably broader than the bust measurement. The goal of the pear shape is to wear clothing that reduces the hip measurement to grant the illusion of a balanced figure. To accomplish this, try wearing bright colors and patterns on top. Dress in layered clothing to build your upper half, and try cardigans or crop top jackets. Boot-cut and average-waist jeans are perfect for this figure, and A-line skirts are also ideal.

The coveted hourglass shape is identified by identical bust and hip measurements. The hourglass benefits from form-fitting clothing, so avoid loose-fitting clothes that drown your curvy figure. Fitted jackets add upper-body definition, and placing a belt on a stylish shirt or dress cinches the waist to expose the figure. Try donning pencil skirts and skinny jeans to showcase your body.

Dressing for your body type is an easy way to use clothes to complement your figure. Avoid adding extensive, bulky jewelry to look naturally slimmer, and wear heels to extend and shape the legs. Keep in mind that brighter colors bring attention to certain areas of the body, and dark shades are slimming for every body type. Use clothing to highlight and minimize your figure accordingly with these tips.

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