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DZ Optics DZO 10-24mm & 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens Bundle
DZ Optics DZO 10-24mm & 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens Bundle

DZ Optics DZO 10-24mm & 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens Bundle

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DZ Optics DZO 10-24mm & 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens Bundle

DZ Optics DZO 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens

Introducing the first of its kind, parfocal cinema zoom MFT lens, the 20-70mm T3.1 MFT Cinema- Style Zoom Lens! Designed specifically to be compatible with: BMPCC 4K, Z CAM E2, Panasonic GH5S, GH5, DZO 20-70mm T2.9 M4/3 lens constructed of a full metal design with two-sided focus scale, featuring both metric and imperial measurements. Ideal for any level of cinematographer from independent to professional, this lens‰Ûª key features will blow its competition away.

Key Specs:

  • T2.9-T22 constant aperture
  • 100å¡ Zoom rotation angle
  • 70å¡Iris rotation angle
  • Fast back flange adjusting mechanics: å±0.3mm Fine adjustment on back flange
  • Only 157.6mm lobster length
  • 80mm front diameter
  • Weight only 2.4lbs (1100 grams)
  • Reliable cinema-lever mechanics, can be used during -40å¡~80å¡
  • 270å¡ focusing travel with 26 focus marks
  • Angle of view
    • Angle of view 47.5å¡-14.3å¡
    • Vertical 36.5å¡-10.8å¡
    • Diagonal 57.6å¡-17.9å¡

DZ Optics DZO 10-24mm T2.9 M4/3 Lens

Professional Cinema Lens
Cinematic Proceeding And Precise Mechanism Control
Forming ‰ÛÏMuscle Memory‰Û For Professional Filming And Moving To A Upper Step Of Art.

Parfocal Design
Steady Focus Remains The Same Even In Or Out

No Matter From Close-Up To Wide Shot Or Rapidly From Wide To Long Shot Under Parfocal Design, Focus Keeps Unchanged All The Way Allowing You To Spray The Etrtnsl Cteativity Freely.

Minimal Breathing
Near Zero Breathing, Allowing For Decent Expression Through Images
DZOFILM Linglung Provides Users With A High Standard And A Better Experience Of Lens.

Elaborate Optical Design
Smooth and creamy Bokeh with clear layer and natural transition.
12-Pieces blade design, generating elegant and round Bokeh.
Neutral and natural style Obiectively reflect the true color of complexion.

Mechanical & Design Feature

  • Two-sided focus scale
  • 270å¡ Focusing travel with 26 focus marks
  • 100å¡ Zoom rotation angle
  • 70å¡ Iris rotation angle
  • Fast back flange adjusting mechanics
  • Double strengthening mount design
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