Choosing a Wallpaper for Your Room

Posted by Gentille on 11/30/2013 to Industrial Products
Living spaces possess endless possibilities for furnishing and decorating, so much so that choosing a feature as basic as wallpaper may seem intimidating to home decorating newcomers. Wallpapers form the basis of a room's theme and character, so understanding the visual needs and purpose of the room can go a long way toward simplifying the process.

The type of wallpaper, independent of pattern, is an important consideration. Pure vinyl or vinyl-coated wallpapers are durable, stain resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for beginning home decorators and chambers that may see heavy wall use, such as children's rooms. They tend to be slightly more expensive, but many homeowners consider them worth it.

Standard wallpapers are less expensive and come in a much wider variety of patterns. Though they do take somewhat more skill to hang than vinyl wallpapers, installation is still relatively easy.

Smaller rooms and spaces without a lot of natural light benefit from brighter pastel colors. These chambers are also the perfect venue for foil-enhanced wallpapers, which help to reflect and scatter light.

Larger rooms more easily support darker colors and patterns, which can give the space a more substantive or intimate look. Rooms designed for coziness, such as bedrooms and breakfast nooks, often are matched with floral and more feminine designs.

Furniture that you plan on putting in the room is also a factor. Pieces with expert design work or antique charms are complemented by more flowing, intricate designs. More modern modular furniture fits well in rooms with large, sparse wallpaper patterns.

Once a living space is set, it may be used for many years without change, so the wallpaper chosen makes a lasting impression on residents and guests. Children may grow up associating the wallpaper patterns familiar to those you choose for your home with home and family. Wallpapers can be as individual as the homeowners themselves and are often a reflection of a decorator's character and creativity.

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