Barnett Crossbows BAR-78610 Recruit Compound Package

Posted by Naseem on 6/24/2015 to California Accessories
Barnett Crossbows BAR-78610 Recruit Compound Package

A search for the ideal crossbow is quite challenging and it may be quite involving. This is because you do not know how a crossbow will perform until you have bought it. You may spend $1000 on a crossbow that you may not like in the end and therefore the need for good research. This is the reason why I have written this, to help you decide for yourself whether the BARNETT BAR-78610 RECRUIT COMPOUND PACKAGE is an ideal crossbow for you.

This is a must read for any person thinking to get the BARNETT BAR-78610 RECRUIT COMPOUND PACKAGE as I have, in this review all the facts that you should know about the crossbow that should be enough to help you come up with a conclusion on whether to spend your money on it or not.

The crossbow is ideal for hunting and shooting sports activities. The good thing about it is that it is very easy to use and whether you are experienced or not this great crossbow. You should, however, note that the arrow are quite fragile and if you hit a hard surface they will definitely spoil.

Barnet the company making this crossbow have made many types and series of crossbows and their years of experience in this industry should give you some confidence.

What's in the box?

It should come boxed, with a quiver containing 3 arrows. In the box is a scope that has three red or green dots for aiming and focussing on the target. It also comes with a handy manual for those who may need it. The manual explains very clearly the use of each component and a new user will need only that to learn how to use the crossbow.




This crossbow can be used by people across different ages and that is mainly because of its size. It weighs about 6.5 pounds, making it easy to use and carry. It is a generally narrow crossbow and it goes without saying that the company invested a lot in making the crossbow portable. With a width of 18 inches, this crossbow should not give experienced shooters problems with agility. It is a crossbow that is easy to assemble and dissemble as long as you have the right tools to do this making it ideal for movement. It has a full length of 34. 5 inches. Its arrow length/ grain is 20 inches/ 400.


Compared to other crossbows made by Barnet, this is by far the best performing putting the cost element into consideration. This is a crossbow that will comfortably take out a large target 30 meters away. But you of course need to be a great shot to do this. It offers 300 feet per second of speed and 80 pounds of Kinetic energy. It has a draw weight of 120 pounds and a power stroke of 13”. All this is quite a deal given the price and quality that you are going to be assured.

The scope  however, has been criticized in terms of visibility and accuracy. Adjusting it to be 100% accurate is a hard task and most users prefer using a different scope.

Generally, this is a safe crossbow and it is recommended for any hunter or sportsman. The price of about $250 is very fair and this is one of those very safe and affordable investments in a crossbow you can ever make.

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