Android M Review

Posted by Naseem on 8/3/2015
Android M Review

The Android M is one of the best smart phones to hit the market. This smart phone has all the features of other Androids while adding new and improved features as well. The sleek look and easy to carry phone is perfect for anyone. From a new lock screen to more communication features, the Android M is a must have and it’s also very affordable!


·         Adjustable panel on lock screen

·         Bolder features  that have a wider applicability and are more advanced than ever before

·         Apps used frequently are easily accessible and there will no need to find them in your menu section

·         Google voice can be activated from lock screen easily without any complicated settings or turning options

·         Apps are able to be discarded from the lock screen so that you can easily remove unused apps

·         Choose different volume levels for ringtones, music and more right from your touch screen.

·         Phone settings and google settings are combined to give you a synchronized experience.

·         Easy to delete screenshots for those that you do not want to share with others.

·         Default apps are easy to set with this new feature and you will not get jumbled into long settings and details.


There are many great benefits of having this phone. For one, it’s linked to Google which is one of the best search engines around. Another great benefit is that it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Other benefits include:

·         For those with sensitive eyes, or those who just don’t want a bright screen, it’s easy to adjust to a dark mode

·         Save your battery with the battery saving mode

·         Allows you to turn off the heads-up feature for those who may not want messages and other notifications constantly popping up on their screen.

·         The Do Not Disturb feature will prevent any notifications or sounds coming through your phone during times where you need some peace. The phone will remain on but you will not hear notifications coming through your phone. This benefit is great for late nights when you’re ready for bed and do not want to be disturbed by phone calls or emails.

·         Screenshots are easy to share and take with the screenshot benefit. You may need to save a conversation, email or notification and this feature is a great benefit for many different uses.

·         Home screen rotation is great for those who cannot make up their mind regarding the orientation of the home screen. If you just added a new picture and want a different orientation, it’s easy to adjust and change with this great benefit.


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