7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Freshen Up Your Room

Posted by Gentille on 4/2/2014 to Household Items
A complete room makeover can be costly in money, time and effort. But if the scene you are coming home to everyday is starting to look old, tired or well-worn, perhaps a modern upgrade or an artsy tweak is in order. Even better, you can splash a new color here or throw an accent there in baby steps until you get the look and feel you want. You save money, you need not sweat a lot, and you reward yourself with a nice view that could help boost your productivity, get your creative juices flowing, make you more relaxed, or inspire you to feather your nest for a stress-free 'stay-cation.' 
If you want to give DIY a try, roll up your sleeves and indulge your crafty side with the following exciting home makeover projects.
1.      Put up a new wall. Wall papers freshen up a room without costing a fortune. For a fraction of the cost and time of repainting a peeling wall, papering can perk up a boring ambiance in an instant. Choose a design that makes a striking contrast to your furniture, complements your existing space with bold color or graphics, or hides dents and other imperfections without being an eyesore. You need not use only one design to paper your entire space. Wall papers come in a wide range of patterns, textures and colors, so you can mix and match your wall papers for a livelier and more spacious look.
2.      Brighten up the room with unusually shaped or designed chandeliers. Tired of walking into an unappetizing foyer? Cheer it up with a multi-colored or wildly patterned lamp or chandelier. Hang a new pendant light in your kitchen, or a LED navigation light on your way to the bathroom. By lighting up nooks and crannies that once appeared neglected, you increase your living space or storage area.
3.      Spruce up monochrome wood stools or tables with scraps of wallpaper. Tiny bits of artsy wall paper go a long way in lending personality to a bland furniture that has been sitting in a corner gathering dust. A clear bowl of pebbles, a pot of succulents or a clump of scented candles make eye-catching centerpieces in your new coffee table. Reupholster a reading chair or scavenge one from garage sales, and you have a sumptuous Zen corner.
4.      Switch to livelier window treatments. A simple change of draperies or shutters can often have maximum impact for minimum cost. Match curtains with bed linens and pillows, and you transform a bleak bedroom into an inviting retreat.
5.      Dress up your cabinets. Again, you need not repaint the cabinets to breathe them a new life. Grab that handful of extra wallpaper and line the inner and outer panels with interesting patterns or solid colors to make them pop.
6.       Collect your own art. Look for odds and ends that share the same theme, like beat up mirrors, old clocks, chipped vases, retro candle holders and sisal baskets, and group them together in one corner. You can also frame wall papers with curious patterns and set them against a wall of solid color, and you have an instant art collection.
7.      Slip-cover couches.  Well-worn leather armchairs or lounges in dated fabric need not be reupholstered if you could find inexpensive but fashionable slip covers or white canvass. Choose solid colors and pair up with patterned throw pillows and you have a livelier living room in a pinch.

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