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All cancelled orders are refunded within 24-48 hours, using the same method of payment that was used to place the order . Orders cancelled on Friday will only get refunded on Monday. Refunds are completed only during normal business work hours. 

In the event that an order is refunded by Stock4less.com, but for some reason the payment is denied by the bank, Stock4less.com has 60 days to contact you and attempt to refund the payment. If after 60 days of attempting, we either do not hear back from the customer or bank, the refunds may be retained by the company. 

All refunds are subject to fees; for PayPal there's a $0.30 charge for refunded orders. Payments sent by Western Union will incur a send amount fee of 15-20%. And finally payments by Bank Transfer will incur a fee of 5-20%, depending on the modes of payment.