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Fraud / No Response Orders Policy


In the event that an order is received and we suspect fraudulent activities; the buyer would be contacted to provide us with more information. If after 25 days we do not receive any response from the buyer, the order will be automatically canceled, the buyer will be charged a 30% restocking fee and depending on the condition, the funds may be retained by the company. 

Also, in the event that a customer places an order and the information provided such as shipping address is incorrect, we will do our level best to contact the customer. If after 25 days we do not receive a response, the order shall also be canceled and depending on the condition, the funds would be retained. 

Customers who place orders with names different from shipping and billing address, and have a suspected email address in our records, would be automatically suspected as a scam. In such an event, stock4less.com has the right to keep the order status on "Hold" until all necessary information are provided to prove that the order is not fraudulent. 

In the event that a customer places an order and the order got shipped out; it is the customers responsibility to be available to pick up the item. Stock4less.com will only try re-delivering orders 2 times and if in both occasion the customer cannot be located, the order will be placed on hold for 20 days; after which Stock4less.com will no longer attempt delivery. Such orders are charged a penalty of 30% restocking fee plus any additional costs involved with shipping. Depending on the correspondence with the customer, the remaining partial funds may or may not be refunded. 

Orders that are placed and ready for shipping, can only be kept at the warehouse for storage at a maximum period of 60 days. If the customer does not contact Stock4less.com for shipping, delivery or other order details after 60 days, Stock4less.com reserves the right to auction the item and the funds from auctioning will be retained by the company. 
At stock4less.com, we take high precaution of fraudulent activities. We protect our customers in whatever way we believe is right in the sight of law.